When I met Sandy in the late Spring 2008 my husband and I were completing three years of unsuccessful attempts at conceiving a child. The sadness and frustration were overwhelming. Following the advice of a friend, I sought acupuncture with the hope that it would help boost my fertility and keep my anxiety under control. Sandy’s serenity, words of wisdom, and vast knowledge of acupuncture allowed me to achieve both these goals. We met every Wednesday for what were to me amazing healing sessions. When my IVF was scheduled, Sandy went out of her way to provide me with acupuncture support. And that made all the difference. More than anything else, Sandy is a wonderful, warm, and generous human being. She was crucial throughout my pregnancy, helping me keep my insomnia, my stuffy nose, and my swollen feet at bay. As I write this, I look at my gorgeous and healthy 20-month old daughter, and my spirit is filled with gratitude and peace. My husband and I savor each second of this dream-come-true.


After years of living with pain, having many surgeries and dealing with a sensitivity to many medications, the last thing I wanted to hear from my doctor was the need for another surgery. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis in the foot. I cannot take anti-inflammatory medicines which left nothing to ease the constant pain in my foot other than surgery to scrape and fuse the bones together or cortisone shots. The fibromyalgia kept me in constant pain. I researched online and found acupuncture could help both issues. A friend that is a nurse highly recommended Sandy. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was desperate to find relief without surgery.

After the first session I left feeling a little different. The second session gave me almost 24 hours of feeling comfortable in my own feet, a first in many years. On my third visit I shared with Sandy that I had very little sleep the previous two nights because I couldn’t get my mind to shut down when I tried to sleep. It was as though 3 or 4 thoughts were playing a game of tag in my head. By time I left, my mind was clear and I was thinking just one thought at a time. Such blessed relief.

On my fourth visit with Sandy I had much to share with her. During the week as I greeted fellow workers, several would ask what was up. They told me I looked as though I had a fantastic secret. I reflected on their comments and realized, I HAD NO PAIN! None in my body and my feet felt great! Amazing! I enjoyed this wonderful feeling of wellness for two or three hours each morning. I have no doubt that as we continue with my treatments the hours of pure comfort will increase. I had knee replacements in both legs about five years ago. When touching my knees since then, it has always felt as though a large balloon was stretched across each knee. There wasn’t a lot of touch sensation. Earlier that week I had reached down to scratch an itch and it felt as though I had gouged myself. I looked down expecting to see a bleeding scratch. There wasn’t one. The feelings and sensations had returned to my knees! They are starting to feel like they are part of me again.

Sandy Camper is one of the kindest, most compassionate and caring people I know. When she asks how you are doing, she truly listens to your answer, understands your pain and rejoices in your successes.

My life is changing as I continue with my treatments. I am much happier without the constant pain and with no unpleasant side effects from putting drugs into my body. I feel as though I am living my life not just making it through another day.
–C.M. Bennington, VT


Because of my limited English it may not come as clear.

* When I called your office, I had the following symptoms: post stroke muscular spasticity and pain, left side weakness, paralyzed muscles, limited range of motion on neck, arm and leg/foot and general muscular pain, and uneven gait Cognitive confusion, short term memory, inability to maintain train of thought. Inability to regulate external stimuli, such as noise, or busy environments.

* After your treatment, here is exactly what I noticed in how these symptoms and my life in general changed: Acupuncture was an excellent pain management tool, after each treatment pain diminished and was bearable, muscles were less spastic, session by session, muscles regained strength, as well the short term memory and cognitive abilities. In addition a general physical and emotional balance was noted. Typical plateaus in rehabilitation were considerably diminished and shorten by acupuncture treatments.

* This is how I felt about these changes: Although they were many treatments, the symptoms were considerably diminished, and within time, almost disappeared. I feel extremely grateful. My life has come back to normal, I’m able to perform now 90% of the activities I was able to perform before the treatments.
–L.S. North Adams, MA


My asthma reached a point where I was using my “emergency” inhaler on a daily basis. Unless I could get it under control, my doctor wanted me on a corticosteroid inhaler. Between treatments from Sandy and practicing the Buteyko breathing method, I’ve not only been able to avoid going on the corticosteroid inhaler, I’ve been able to go over a month without using any inhaler at all! That’s a first in many years! And that’s just the physical benefit. When I come out of a session with Sandy, I feel like the congestion and cloudiness have not only been cleared from my body, but from my mind and spirit as well. The windows are open, and I’m ready to breathe in life again.
–B.T. Pownal, VT


I had the following symptoms:

I had been having stomach gas and distention and had been constipated. I knew from
previous visits to Sandy that she was great at restoring balance in my body.

After treatment:

After only one treatment, I felt better the very next day. My symptoms disappeared
and regularity returned. I came back two weeks later for a “tune up” but by then I was
completely back to normal.

I’ve seen Sandy for general wellness visits and well as for specific problems. She
is very patient, kind and listens both to what you are saying verbally and what your
body is telling her. I’ve always had great results – she did a great job after I broke
my wrist to help speed the healing process. She is gentle and the process is
calming and restorative – even for the “needle-averse”! I would definitely recommend
her healing touch to anyone.
–A.W. Williamstown, MA


I started with acupuncture after having almost 3 years of constant discomfort inside my head as a result of brain surgery. I had tried medications, seen my neurosurgeon several times about it, told me it would be a good idea to see a neurologist. I saw two.
The last suggested injecting a medication to reduce and possibly stop the discomfort. I wasn’t thrilled with being injected in the scalp with anything. Acupuncture was suggested by some family members and friends that use it for asthma and pain relief. And so acupuncture was my next step. After two appointments the discomfort is drastically reduced. It has also reduced the noises I have in my ears due to hearing loss. I wear hearing aides and have always had a constant background sound in my head, and recently realized that too has diminished quite a bit. I am amazed at acupuncture! I am continuing to go for treatments for the relief of other aches and pains.
Thank you Sandy for clearing my head!
–J.G. Albany, NY


I swear by Sandy and her methods of healing. There’s NOTHING like
Acupuncture. I was being treated by several doctors including the ER., for 2 years
due to hemorrhaging. Nothing they did or tried worked for me. I became anemic and was weak, tired and dizzy all the time. I also suffered from Migraines for 48 years. A friend of
mine told me about Sandy. It was unbelievable my headache was gone and so was the bleeding from day one. I have not had another Migraine in a year and my menstruation periods went back to normal. Every time I’ve gone to see Sandy I have left her office feeling at least 95% better than when I walked in. I’ll sleep like a baby that night and always wake up feeling totally rested. The next day I’m energized all day and the next several days I’m still feeling charged. And all this without medication. I wish I had started seeing her sooner. It’s like being zapped back into great health. I love it.
May God continue to Bless you with the ability to continue helping others.
–G.V. Albany, NY


Good Morning Sandy,
Wanted to start the day with a big THANK YOU! I haven’t slept all week until last night. After my treatment I slept from 10 pm to 5:45 am!!! I woke up a couple of times but never moved and fell right back to sleep. Never changed positions! Even had very weird dreams so I was definitely in REM sleep. Haven’t felt this refreshed and ready for the day in some time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!.
Have a fantastic day. I know I will, thanks to you.

You are correct about the Chinese medicine being a great help to me. My last treatment with you was truly amazing. I went in with total all consuming pain and came out feeling better. The next day was incredible. The positive energy and well being was oozing out for everyone to see. It was almost unbelievable. Thank you!
–C.M. Bennington, VT


I started going to the acupuncturist to treat infertility. I tried 3 different acupuncturists before finding Sandy. She was the second acupuncturist to check my tongue and pulses, and the first that I could feel a significant difference after just one treatment. Sandy treated me for stress levels, anxiety, colds, back and neck pain, and fertility. I went to her once or twice a week for 5 cycles—some natural, some IVF. I saw results for all treatments. I have complex fertility issues—blood clotting, genetic, and hormonal. Sandy helped me get my cycles regular and I conceived 3 times and now have a healthy 5 yr old. Infertility is very stressful, and working with Sandy made such a HUGE difference in my physical and mental state. I highly recommend her.
–T.C. Albany, NY


Adele’s birth

The births of my sons were magical, but complicated and anxiety-ridden, each in their own ways. I learned so much in each of these births – about myself, my partner, and our capacity to endure the unknown – but, nonetheless, I felt tremendous fear in advance of Adele’s birth. With our third child, no longer was I facing an unknown process. I knew the challenges that would come in labor, and as much as I wanted to meet her in those months and weeks prior to her birth, my fears of birthing her were often overwhelming.
I had a terrible time sleeping in my third trimester when I was pregnant with Adele. Panic would frequently seize me in the lonely hours of early morning, and I would lie awake trying to draw breath out of the endless dark. My body seemed to be closing, tightening in a mock claustrophobia, and I became fixed on an image of our baby being trapped inside of me, unable to be born.
We were given two due dates by the ultrasound technician, and when the first passed I knew that I must find a positive way to encourage labor and diminish my fear. I had seen Sandy just prior to becoming pregnant with Adele, and so, in what became a perfect bookend to the pregnancy, I scheduled an appointment with her on the morning of my second due date. I remember going into the acupuncture session feeling hopeful and relieved. As the gentle needles went in to my skin, I imagined my mind and body opening, releasing a brittle shell and softening to the possibility of the life inside of me moving, breathing, and dancing her way out into my arms.
At the end of our time together, I left Sandy understanding that our baby might not be born soon, but certain nonetheless that I had been where I needed to be that morning. Later on that hot July day, I noticed a slight haziness in my conscious deliberations – a relaxing into the moment that I see in retrospect as my body’s final stage of labor preparation. Around 7:30 pm that evening, a slight rainfall began, and several minutes later I went into labor. At 9pm, our daughter was born. It was by far the fastest and easiest of my children’s births. The positive flow of energy that Sandy helped me begin in our acupuncture session extended through the labor and birth of my third child. For me, acupuncture helped release fear, which I believe in turn allowed labor to begin naturally and my body to open rather than constrict.
–M.P. Williamstown, MA

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