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Acupuncture is a method of addressing the system of points and meridians (pathways) that regulate the body's physiology through the insertion of extremely fine needles at specific sites. Sandy is one of the very few practitioners that combines 5 element and 8 principle acupuncture to offer you a truly comprehensive treatment approach. Add to this combination the possibilities of nutritional counseling and guided stress reduction exercises, and you have a very potent and synergistic blend of therapies that can get you back on track in your life. Learn more

Acunova is a type of acupuncture treatment that is showing impressive results for people with eye diseases. Treatment involves newly discovered points at the hands and feet that are not associated with any other acupuncture system. For the thousands of patients with eye diseases who have received this form of acupuncture treatment, most experience an improvement in vision and a slowing or arresting of the progression of disease with ongoing maintenance treatment. Eye diseases are systemic conditions at their root, so it is vitally important to have a holistic approach with treatment. Learn more

I swear by Sandy and her methods of healing. There's NOTHING like Acupuncture.

G.V. Albany, NY
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